Homeopathy for All

Learn On Your Time

AMCofH has online and live courses, so you can learn at your own pace. 

Affordable Pricing

AMCofH is dedicated to giving its students an affordable education. We will work with our students on financing options.

Classical and Modern

AMCofH teaches classical and modern approaches to Homeopathy. We feel it is important to teach different approaches to this medicine.

If you are new to homeopathy and want to learn the basics, this is the course for you! 

  • All Online and Self-Paced

150-Hour Clinical Homeopathy Program

  • Learn Over 100 Remedies

  • Treat Patients for First Aid and Acute Conditions

    You will be equipped to treat patients for first-aid and acute conditions such as headaches, coughs, sore throat, ear infections, pregnancy, allergies, ADD and more!

  • Mentorship

    Twice a month, you will be able to attend live mentorship with a certified Homeopath. Ask all of your questions, interact with the faculty and your fellow students, and learn from case studies!

Homeopathic Practitioner Program

  • Live and Online Classes

    We offer live and online classes, which give flexibility to our students. The live classes must be attended at a certain time and you can interact with our faculty and your fellow students. The online classes you can complete at your own pace throughout the semester. 

  • Full-Time and Part-Time Options

    Our Homeopathic Practitioner program is intended to be a three-year, full-time program. For people who do not have the time to complete a full-time program, we will work with you to create a part-time schedule over a longer period of time.

  • Clinical Experience

    AMCofH is partnered with the PIHMA Clinic to help our students gain over 500 hours of clinical experience with over 100 patient contacts.

    • Run Your Own Practice

      AMCofH strives to prepare its students to run their own practice after graduation. 

    • Mentorship

      Twice a month, you will be able to attend live mentorship with a certified homeopath. Ask your questions, review case studies, and bond with other AMCofH students.

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    150-Hour Clinical Homeopathy Program



    Homeopathic Practitioner Program


    AMCofH Has Something For Everyone


    • Self-Paced Courses

    • Mentorship 

      We offer mentorship with a certified homeopath twice a month in our Homeopathic Practitioner and 150-Hour Programs. Ask your questions and learn from the best!

    • Live and Online

      AMCofH's Homeopathic Practitioner program has live and online courses. This makes it easier to balance class, work, and family.

    • Affordability

      AMCofH is affordably priced and will work with our students on payment plans. All of our tuition prices include mentorship and clinic hours. 

    • Clinical Experience

      AMCofH is partnered with the PIHMA Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona to give our students over 500 hours of in-person clinical experience with over 100 patient contacts!

    • Faculty

      AMCofH has diverse faculty, including the Father of Modern Homeopathy, Dr. Todd Rowe.


    Meet AMCofH's Team! We are happy to assist you on your homeopathic journey in any way we can. 

    Jyl Steinback

    Admissions Representative/ Sponsorship

    AMCofH Alumna and now our Admissions Representative. Jyl is the person to ask all of your admissions questions to!

    Whittni Grubaugh

    Program Director and Faculty Member

    Whittni organizes our entire program. She teaches some of our classes and attends mentorship.

    Todd Rowe

    Father of Modern Homeopathy and Faculty Member

    Dr. Todd Rowe is the original founder of AMCofH. He is now a faculty and board member as well as being one of the biggest names in Homeopathy.

    Catherine Niemiec

    CEO and President

    Catherine is the CEO and President of AMCofH and of the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA) where we conduct our Homeopathic Clinic.